5th edition of International Congress Geotunis

Title: 5th edition of International Congress Geotunis
Location: Tunis, TUNISIA
Link out: Click here
Start Date: 2010-11-29
End Date: 2010-12-03


In this context, we have the honour to invite you to participate in the events of GEOTUNIS International Congress 2010 in its 5th Edition from 29 November to 03 December, 2010 in Tunisia Centred under the theme “The use of GIS and remote sensing for sustainable development “.

A fifth GeoTunis session in front of distinguished scientific users of GIS and remote sensing for the most recent experiments and applications in scientific fields.

The congress will include 4 major scientific themes that address the various uses and applications of geographic information systems as well as numerous practical workshops supervised by the major international institutions active in the field.
The presence of a large number of ministries is ensured to discuss the reality of the use of GIS and remote sensing…

It takes on the International Exhibition of Technology Geographic Information Systems to showcase the latest technological additions in the field of geographic information systems and related sciences.

You enjoy all that can be submitted by the Conference of space scientists and investors interested in the field of geographic information systems and applications, the conference presents an opportunity for participants to familiarize themselves with the various experiments and prototypes based on the geography of digital technologies applied in various fields related to sustainable development, which would create opportunities to support the Euro-Mediterranean partnership, the Arab-African and the International in the digital geography field.

We are honoured to invite you to this important international gathering, organized in scientific collaboration with several international organisms and experts in the field, which will be attended by hundreds of experts, professionals, institutions and enterprises interested in GIS systems and related to science, besides the participation of a large number of programmers and software companies the opportunity for academic researchers and institutions to showcase the latest additions and take advantage of scientific expertise, experience and global applications in the GIS and remote sensing field.

Proceeded to register and participate, and let us work together to raise the level of scientific research, and together, achieve sustainable development regionally and internationally and be the pioneers and users of GIS and remote sensing to leading shareholder in achieving sustainable development and balanced environment supported by nations and different peoples.

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