Littoral 2014. Facing Present and Future Coast Challenges


With increasing anthropogenic pressure and ongoing global and regional change, understanding coastal and marine processes and interaction between both as well as adapting governance and management to present and future challenges is crucial. In coastal zones, a large number of users and functions come together. Integrated management approaches need to be further developed to combine functions, users and decision levels in a sustainable way. Littoral 2014 conference will address a broad thematic spectrum.

12th coastal conference Littoral 2014 is dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the EUCC Baltic States Office. The participants will get an opportunity to share the results and ideas from their activities in coastal research, conservation and management, and experience the impressive diversity of the southeast Baltic Sea coast.

Littoral 2014 will address a wide range of coastal research, conservation and management issues and focus on networking of coastal researchers and practitioners from all over Europe.

The priority themes of the conference are:

  • Integrated Coastal Management – case studies and experiences
  • GIS & marine spatial planning
  • Coastal and marine nature conservation
  • River basin – coast interactions
  • Coastal dune management
  • Green coastal tourism
  • Coastal climate change adaptation
  • Coastal management and aquaculture
  • Coastal fisheries management
  • Coastal lagoon management


Conference is organized jointly by Marine Science and Technology Center of Klaipeda University, the Baltic States Office of EUCC – Coastal and Marine Union and Association “Baltic Valley” in cooperation with 3rd International conference EastLink 2014 “The way to know knowledge economy”.

Time and Venue

Littoral 2014 will be held on 22-26 September, 2014 in Klaipeda, Lithuania in Conference complex Aula Magna of Klaipeda University.


Mall and University Auditorium Centre “Studlendas”
Klaipeda University
H. Manto 84, LT 92294
Klaipeda, Lithuania

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